What is a drafter you say? A drafter is one of the first individuals you will seek out when building a new home. They will create the blueprints that will eventually be given to the construction team bringing your dream home into physical existence. He or she will listen to your visions and get a feel for your taste and style.

What Makes A Qualified Drafter?

They must understand exactly what you are looking for inside and out or your vision will soon become their vision. This will result in disappointment and time wasted for both parties. The responsibility lies solely on you as a consumer to communicate what you want in a precise and accurate manner. You can iron out the details of the house plans with your draftsman later in the drafting process.

Now that you know some of the basic ideas you should have before you get in contact with a drafter, you need to know where and what qualifications to look for. How do you know what characteristics make a qualified drafter? Drafting services are offered nearly everywhere. You must know where to look in order to find the proper drafter. The gold coast offers a number of qualified draftsmen to complete your perfect project.

Referrals are a wonderful way to find drafting services on the gold coast. Speak with people in your life that you trust. Your family and friends are the best place to start. If that takes you nowhere, there are plenty of websites that offer customer reviews and other rating systems that will give you an idea of a drafters strong points. Keep in mind any special requirements your project needs. Although one drafter may execute your house plan, another may specialize in the specifics you desire for your project. Choose the designer that is right for you. Consider a few different designers, request a few quotes. There is no substitute for meeting a designer face to face. So, meet them and decide from there who you want to go with.

Specialty House Plan Drafters

Some requests when pertaining to design require special qualifications in your designer. If you want specialty lighting or custom cabinets, some additional work may be required. This additional work may be out of your budget and therefore out of reach. However, it doesn’t hurt to write a few of your outlandish wants down if only to discuss them with the drafter you choose. It never hurts to ask and your designer may be able to work something out with you. There may be specific building codes that go along with your special requests. Knowing what specialty items you desire will assist in finding the ideal draftsman for the job. Finding a Draftsman with the right talents for your project will give you ease of mind when drawing up the house plan.

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The right house plan drafter can make or break your dreams when planning your new home. Hiring the perfect drafter, to execute your ideal house plans, is essential to the success of your vision.
Do not assume your drafter knows what you want in a house plan, communication is vital. Before you set out on your quest for the perfect draftsman, there is some information that must be considered. Understanding the key elements in drafting house plans is imperative to producing your vision accurately. Drafters can work on a number of different levels from residential to commercial. When looking for the right drafter for you, make sure they include residential drafting in their repertoire. Don’t let the process become overwhelming, take some time, do your research and the perfect house plan lies in your future.

Plan Ahead!   

There are a number of things to take into consideration before making initial contact with your ideal Drafter. The first obstacle you must overcome is deciding what artistic direction you’re heading in. All the specifics of what you want are not necessary at this point, but some of your basic requirements need to be settled.

Size is one of the elements that needs to be determined. How much square footage do you desire? Think about how many bedrooms you want and how big you want each one to be. Also, consider how many bathrooms you will need and where. Will they be full or half? If you need your project done in a certain amount of time, it may pose a problem. Draftsmen have a very tedious and time consuming job and time is money. If you need a house plan sooner than they can do it, you may need to find another draftsman.
If it works into your budget some drafters will speed up the process, but this usually requires a little more money. These are all questions the drafter you eventually choose will need to know the answers too. Beginning the process is as simple as writing down what you are looking for in your dream home and knowing your budget. Discuss with your significant other or family and friends that have been through the same process. Preparation will ease you through the procedure and simplify a somewhat daunting task.

The Budget

Budget is a subject no one wants to think about but it is crucial to your project. A budget is essential in the drafting process and will most likely be one of the first questions your potential drafter will discuss with you. You must decide on how much you want to spend, where you want to spend it and most importantly stick to the budget.

Don’t worry, the budget for your project does not have to include every detail. You don’t have to sit down and write out an itemized list and create a spreadsheet. Just estimate how much you are looking to spend with an idea of where and how you want to spend it. For example, decide what elements of the project are the most important. Do you want to spend a little more money creating a beautiful deck space, skimping a little on the bathroom fixtures. What ever floats your boat, its up to you.

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4Bed/2Bath House Plans

A very specific requirement, that will not be too difficult to fulfill, is finding a house plan drafter that utilizes CAD. CAD stands for computer aided drafting and is essential in today’s technology based society. You may also see CADD, which stands for Computer Aided Design and Drafting

Drafting house plans has developed tremendously since the days of compasses and T-squares. Everything seems to revolve around computers this day in age and architectural design is no different.

4Bed/2Bath House Plans

The introduction of computer driven technology into the equation has changed everything for architectural drafting. The software used in order to draft house plans creates a more precise measurement and optimizes your precious time. Some drafters may still use pencil and paper to draw up house plans but the best ones also utilize the drafting computer software available.

Utilizing this software eliminates having to erase or begin a sketch again. Changing the dimensions or angles just takes a simple click of the mouse. Early drafters put forth endless amounts of time and effort to simply see one of their projects from a different angle. Now its all in the click.

Using the aide of computer software isn’t just a fabulous time optimizer, it’s a space saver! Who wants loads of paper strewn all over their house? Using CAD allows you to store all your projects in their intended files giving you easy access. Having an organized and pro-active work space increases productivity and is a characteristic all consumers are seeking out. Using computer software to complete outstanding house plans is the standard of practice within this industry. The professional you choose to hire should have a full knowledge of CAD and how to use it to your advantage.

Construction Based

This brings up the construction process as a whole. A decent drafter will have a thorough knowledge of the construction process. The ability to visualize how the end product is going to look will set drafters apart. Many professional drafters hold a degree in the field. Others hold certifications and other legitimate forms of qualification. A background in construction allows the designer to visualize the end product and know what materials the construction crew will be working with. So, when choosing the right designer for your project, try to get a feel for their background as an architectural drafter.

Follow Regulations

There are a number of things that could go wrong when building a new home. You don’t want a missing permit or a violation of any regulation to hinder the creative process. Just as a designer should know how to draw house plans, they should also have a complete understanding of the regulatory practices in their specific region. The Building Commissioning Association (BCA) and local government have a comprehensive standard and regulations guideline that must be followed. The BCA also offers a certification program that will help ensure your designer has a thorough knowledge of exactly what he/she must do. This certification is not required to work as an architectural designer but greatly increases their reliability and integrity.

Ultimately, a drafter should be able to create an outline of your vision into a tangible house plan. It is also very important that the drafter you choose conveys your vision, through their house plans, to the construction manager. They could be a genius designer, but if a construction team can not understand where he/she is going with the blueprints, there is no point in continuing with the project.

The Sunshine Coast region offers diverse properties ideal for creating your dream home. Creating the perfect space requires finding the perfect property. Depending on the purpose of the home, you may want to consider different areas the Sunshine Coast has to offer. Whether it’s a beach get away or a cozy house inland, here are some architectural design ideas you may want to consider when planning your private oasis on the Sunshine Coast.

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A drafter, draftsman, or sometimes spelled draughtsman has the important responsibility of accurately capturing your vision of a residential home, and sometimes commercial buildings, and turning it into a reality.

More specifically, your draftsman will be putting pencil to paper to create blueprints, floor plans, structural plans, and other drawings to be used by the builders of your future house. These house plans will then be passed onto builders, craftsman, and other contractors.

House Plan Drafting

Choosing someone to draft your house plans, is one of the most important steps of the building process, and will set the tone for whether or not your future home will match your current vision. But, before you can hire a draftsman, you must first have some details prepared, so when you do contact a draftsman, you can know they’re a good fit for your project.

What You Need to Know Before You Contact a Draftsman

You don’t need to have the whole project mapped out in your head beforehand, but you do need to have a general idea of what your after. Are you building something from scratch? Is it simply a remodel? How many rooms are involved? Are there any special lighting or material requirements?

The Specifics

You won’t be expected to know every last detail of your proposed project, but the more info you have before calling for an interview and quote, the better.

For example:

  • What is the square footage of your project?
  •  Are there unique building codes that the drafter must adhere to?
  • Are you under any time constraints?
  • What Kind of Budget are You Working With?

Finding a Qualified House Plan Drafter

Finding the perfect draftsman to turn your vision into tangible house plans is easy, if you know where to look. The best place to start is in your own local area. There is no shortages of draftsman in the Sunshine Coast region, albeit some are more skilled than others.

Asking friends, families, and third-party sources for personal recommendations is a simple way to narrow down your findings to a selection of high caliber drafters. From our experience in the market, these guys are the top providers of drafting services in the Sunshine Coast area.

In your search for the perfect house plan drafter, it’s vitally important to look for providers with the experience and skillset that appropriately matches the specific needs of your project. Experience with Computer-Aided Design (CAD), as you’ll soon discover in the linked article, is also essential, since it has become the industry standard, and will save you a lot of time in the long run.

You should have a good idea of what how much money you are willing to spend for your new home or renovation. You don’t have to come right out with it on your first phone call with a draftsman, but it is a figure that should always be in the back of your head, so you don’t accidentally go over what you can actually afford.

Once again, selecting the right house plan drafter for the job is crucial to the success of the building of your home. Take the time to find the perfect drafter in the beginning, and you are bound to be pleased with the final product – your brand new, custom home.

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It wasn’t too long ago that drafting house plans required the use of old-fashioned pencils, paper, T-squares, compasses, and other drafting tools. The tools were used to craft the beautiful architecture of previous generations, and are still used by some drafters today. However, these conventional tools are notoriously inconvenient and consume massive amounts of time, especially when compared to more modern drafting tools

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software has now become the industry standard for drafting house plans due to its simplicity, quick editing, and ease of use.

CAD has brought massive change to the art of modern house plan drafting. Cumbersome drafting tables have now been replaced with personal computers, and the pencil replaced with the mouse. This translates to huge saving for drafter, and those savings, in turn, can be passed onto you.


What is Computer-Aided Design (CAD)?

Paraphrasing from Wikipedia, CAD is the use of computer technology for the streamlining and automation of the design, drafting, and documentation processes. CAD provides an environment for the creation of both 2D and 3D models used in the drafting of house plans.

Originally developed in the 1960’s, CAD provided engineers with a revolutionary method of design and structural drafting in record time. Only one problem, the technology was insanely expensive and only available to large organizations within the defense and automotive industries. In fact, at this time, using CAD to draft house plans was completely unheard of.

However, over the next two decades, computer and software prices would drop significantly, and CAD software was quickly adopted by a number of industries. Today, CAD technology is more advanced and affordable than ever before, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a house plan drafter that doesn’t take advantage of this time and cost saving advancement in the house plan drafting industry.

What CAD Means for You and Your New Home

CAD has totally changed the way house plan draftsman work, but it has an equally meaningful impact on the planning of your home and its outcome.

As mentioned earlier in this article, the time and money you can save by taking advantage of CAD technology, and the drafters that utilize it, is astronomical. Equally important is the accuracy and agility of CAD-created drafts. CAD designs rely on vector models that are 100% accurate in their measurements and can quickly be manipulated to match your exact needs and vision.

Choosing a CAD House Plan Drafter

Again, CAD house plan drafting is the industry standard, and I’d be wary of any draftsman that doesn’t take advantage of the benefits that CAD provides. One CAD drafting services provider in the Sunshine Coast region, Drafting Concepts, has crafted some particularly stunning house plan designs that are worth looking into.

Yes, it’s essential that the draftsman you choose have a working knowledge of CAD software, which shouldn’t be hard to accomplish. However, what’s even more crucial is that you and your chosen drafter share a common vision, and that he is capable of drafting house plans that are in accordance with local building code regulations and mesh well with the surrounding environment and architecture. This is why I urge you to select a CAD drafter that has experience in your local area.

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Hiring a Draftsman

Hiring a Draftsman

The article “Choosing a Designer to Draft House Plans provided a brief overview of finding a qualified house plan drafter. This time around we’ll be going into more specifics of hiring a draftsman, particularly for those living in the Sunshine Coast area, and South East Queensland


The first thing to understand is that although many draftsman may have similar qualifications, it certainly doesn’t mean they’re all qualified to draft plans for a new home on the Sunshine Coast specifically. You must keep an eye out for, and hold onto drafters that have direct experience with homes in the region. Further more, if you plan to build on property that’s located on the beach itself, you’ll want a draftsman that has such experience, and the same goes for if you plan to build on property that’s located in more inland regions of Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Drafting services that have experience with both are sure to be qualified to handle any project you throw at them.

Qualifications and Certifications

The qualifications of draftsman vary significantly from firm to firm, but there are some universal qualifications that you should always keep an eye out for.

Not all drafters hold architecture degrees, nor is it always a requirement. There are many drafting and design certification programs available, and some stunning site and house plans have come from draftsman without architecture degrees. A better measurement of architectural ability is to have a look at both customer testimonials and peer reviews, and of course, the plans and homes that they’ve designed. A strong portfolio and real world experience go a long way.

Construction Materials

A knowledge of building materials and construction practices. This information is explicitly laid out of the house plans your drafter will create. It will pave the way to a durable, structurally sound home, and will ensure all the contractors are on the same page as they work to bring your house plans and vision to life.

Local Building Codes and Regulations

A deep understanding of quality standards and regulations laid out by the Building Commissioning Association (BCA) and local government are absolutely essential to the uninterrupted construction of your new house. There also happens to be a BCA certification program that, if acquired, lends a great deal of credibility to the draftsman you choose.


A working knowledge of CAD technology is one of many specialties. The ability to CAD software in the drafting of your home isn’t really considered special by today’s standards, as any reputable firm today will already be taking advantage of CAD technology. Nonetheless, you’ll want to confirm the house plan drafters you interview do use CAD.

Does your drafter…

  • Have drafting experience in the climate/terrain you plan to build?
  • Have a strong, versatile and varied portfolio?
  • Have experience with green/eco-friendly building? Solar? Passive cooling and heating?
  • Specialize in a specific architectural style that is in-line with your vision?

This is where you really have to start digging into one’s works and accomplishments. This is best done by sitting down with your potential house plans drafter, and interviewing them on the specifics of their past work, as well as getting recommendations from friends and family.

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